November Update

Congratulations to ALL purchases in stages 3 & 4 whose land has now settled, with 7 lots already starting construction! Stages 5 & 6 installation has begun with heavy construction machinery on-site, whilst the new truck access point has now been completed and 70% of The Green’s water and sewerage is now installed. We are … Read More

October Update

Congratulations to all purchasers whose lots have settled in Stages 3 & 4! For those whose lots haven’t settled, your upcoming settlement date should be advised through your conveyancer/solicitor. A new construction access point for Stages 5 & 6 is still being finalised in consultation with the Surf Coast Council. We anticipate works to recommence … Read More

September Update

The certification progress for stages 3 & 4 is complete and application has been made to the titles office. We expect titles for both stages could be issued later this week or next week. Purchasers will be advised of their upcoming settlement date through their conveyancer/solicitor.   A new construction access point for Stage 5 … Read More

August Update

The certification progress for stages 3 & 4 is progressing well, we estimate titles for both stages will be issued around mid-September. Stage 5 construction is now expected to recommence in a couple of weeks, as a new truck access point further from existing homes is currently organised. Titles are still expected in Feb/March 2019. … Read More

June/July Update

Stages 3 & 4 construction is now complete with street tree planting currently scheduled to commence next week. Stage 2 trees will also be planted. The certification progress for stages 3 & 4 is progressing well. We will be in contact with purchasers should it look like titles will be earlier than expected. We will … Read More

April/May Update

There have been no delays in Stage 3 & 4 construction with works completion still on track for June/July 2018 and titles in September/October 2018 – subject to no unforeseen hold ups. Machinery has commenced on Stage 5 with titles still expected in February 2019. Stage 6 to follow soon after, again subject to no … Read More

March Update

With all lots in Stages 1 to 6 now sold, residents enjoying their homes in Stage 1, housing construction flying in Stage 2 with some near completion; The Green is quickly changing from a subdivision to a vibrant community. Stages 3 & 4 construction are still on track for works completion in June/July with titles … Read More

February Update

The Green continues to grow with Stages 7 & 8 now released after the initial six stages selling sooner than expected. The two final releases consist of 15 impressive acreage lifestyle allotments and we can guarantee they won’t last long. Make sure you contact our sales team as soon as possible to secure your dream … Read More

January Update

Summertime down at The Green has our community growing by the day. Stage 3 is now officially sold out, one lot remains in Stage 4 and very limited lots remaining in Stage 5. Stage 6 – The Bellerive Release went to market just before Christmas and is the last chance for purchasers to buy huge … Read More

November Update

Things are moving quickly down at The Green with Stages 1 & 2 sold out, and all blocks in Stage 3 being either on hold or sold. Civil contractors are on site and have commenced earth works for Stage 3, with Stage 4 to commence shortly after. We are expecting titles October 2018. Stage 2 … Read More