Stage 2 Update

The Green WinchelseaConstruction Updates

Firstly, we’d like to thank you for your patience in receiving this update. Developing a community is often a complex process involving many entities and we apologies for the delay in getting this information to you, however we wanted to ensure that it was 100% confirmed prior.

We are pleased to announce that we now have compliance for Barwon Water, Powercor, NBN & CFA.

As you are aware, we have been waiting on the water basin compliance to be able to provide infrastructure release compliance from council. There has been an internal miscommunication inside council, however the developers have been able to negotiate to get the infrastructure release ticked off prior to full completion of the basin works. These works include extra trees, gravel paths around the basin etc. which you will notice taking place very soon.

We have verbal confirmation from council that the statement of stage compliance will be released within a week. This will then get released and taken straight to the titles office with an estimated turnaround time of 10-14 days. All inclusive, we are looking at 3 weeks before titles are released.

Again appreciate your patience, and hope you understand that the developers have been doing everything within their power to get compliance released from council and ultimately your titles. We look forward to getting titles released!