June Update

We are very excited to have made application to the titles office for Stage 5. It will now normally take around 2 weeks for titles to be issued. We are is still waiting on final release from Surf Coast Shire for Stage 6 which should be by the end of next week. As soon as it is received, Stage 6 … Read More

May Update

Works on Stages 5 & 6 are complete which is very exciting for purchasers! Landscaping is expected to commence this week following the power core inspection last week. We are now seeking consent from relevant authorities for titling of lots including Surf Coast shire / Barwon Water. We are still receiving a lot of enquiries about our final land release however we are currently still waiting on approval from Surf Coast Shire. As … Read More

April Update

Works on Stages 5 & 6 are nearing completion, which is very exciting for purchasers! Civil works including top soiling of lots are now complete. All power, water and street lights are installed, with the final road seal now finished.  Allotments have now been pegged and the final site clean-up is well underway. We are now seeking consent from relevant authorities for titling of lots so stay tuned for more information. We are still receiving a … Read More

March Update

Works have continued to progress in Stages 5 & 6 at The Green with Easter just around the corner. The bus stop on Anderson Road is now complete, with the footpath well underway. Road construction and sealing in Stages 5 & 6 is expected to be completed by the end of April, with final top soiling progressing well. We have … Read More

February Update

Summer has seen construction at The Green continue to progress on Stages 5 & 6. With Telstra phone installation now complete, water installation, footpaths and drive way construction underway, as well top soiling of blocks and nature strips now commenced – civil works are on track for completion by Easter, subject to weather conditions out of our control. Titles are … Read More

December/January Update

Hello 2019! After a joyful Christmas & New Year break, all works have now re-commenced, and thanks to some favourable weather construction is on track. Stages 3 & 4 construction is in full swing with the housing looking fantastic! We are still aiming for works on stages 5 & 6 to be completed by Easter, subject to weather conditions out … Read More

November Update

Congratulations to ALL purchases in stages 3 & 4 whose land has now settled, with 7 lots already starting construction! Stages 5 & 6 installation has begun with heavy construction machinery on-site, whilst the new truck access point has now been completed and 70% of The Green’s water and sewerage is now installed. We are currently waiting on approval from … Read More

October Update

Congratulations to all purchasers whose lots have settled in Stages 3 & 4! For those whose lots haven’t settled, your upcoming settlement date should be advised through your conveyancer/solicitor. A new construction access point for Stages 5 & 6 is still being finalised in consultation with the Surf Coast Council. We anticipate works to recommence by the end of October. … Read More

September Update

The certification progress for stages 3 & 4 is complete and application has been made to the titles office. We expect titles for both stages could be issued later this week or next week. Purchasers will be advised of their upcoming settlement date through their conveyancer/solicitor.   A new construction access point for Stage 5 & 6 is still being … Read More

August Update

The certification progress for stages 3 & 4 is progressing well, we estimate titles for both stages will be issued around mid-September. Stage 5 construction is now expected to recommence in a couple of weeks, as a new truck access point further from existing homes is currently organised. Titles are still expected in Feb/March 2019. Stage 6 construction is still … Read More